CCDA seminar for NorCal community restaurants


An important and valuable opportunity is available to restaurant owners and managers in Northern California this month.


Through a partnership with the CRA, the California Commission on Disability Access (CCDA) will be presenting information on ways of making your business accessible to customers who have disabilities.

The upcoming community gathering also will introduce businesses to a long list of available resources that can help owners and managers navigate this topic. In some cases, small businesses needing to modify or retrofit their buildings or stores can qualify for a funding program available through the state.


Other resources include a program called the Accessible CITY ADA Mentorship Program, which mentors small business owners who have questions about becoming ADA-accessible or are worried about the possible costs involved.


Although any business owner or manager will benefit by attending, there is special recognition being offered. The City Council is preparing to recognize an Elk Grove business owner who became a mentee in this program. So, if your business is in Elk Grove and you could use some ADA-related resources, be sure to sign up to attend this community gathering!   


You can find the location and registration information on the event page here.

If you have any questions, you can reach the CRA’s Vice President of Membership, Kathie Griley, at


Thank you for all you do to make California’s business community a great place to be!