Political Action Committees

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The CRA Political Action Committee (PAC) and the CRA Issues Political Action Committee (IPAC) are aggressive and proactive defenders of California's restaurant industry. The CRA PAC contributes to the political campaigns of candidates who understand the issues affecting California's restaurant industry. The CRA IPAC supports ballot measures and proposals that strengthen our industry and fights against those measures that pose a threat to California's restaurants.

Following are some of the key issues the industry is facing:

  • Health care: Fighting to ensure that the financial burden of universal health care in California does not fall squarely on the backs of restaurants.
  • ADA: Reforming disability laws to decrease meritless lawsuits against restaurants.
  • Labor law: Reforming meal and rest period laws and wage and hour laws to reduce lawsuits against restaurants.
  • Restaurant bans: Fighting attempts to ban fast food and other restaurants in cities and counties across California.

The PAC and IPAC rely on voluntary contributions to fund these activities. Your support of the PAC and IPAC is an investment in protecting your bottom line from onerous government mandates. For more information about the PAC or IPAC, contact jgoddard@calrest.org.

Your support is greatly appreciated.