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The CRA has a proven record of promoting and protecting industry interests and practices through aggressive lobbying, monitoring the legislative process, initiating grassroots campaigns, boosting political action committees and fighting for policies that support the foodservice industry at all levels of government.

Political efforts crop up daily – at City Hall, the state Capitol and Capitol Hill – that threaten restaurants’ ability to thrive. It’s not easy to stave off burdensome legislation, and the more voices we have, the stronger we can react to those attempts.

"It’s imperative that we end up all speaking with the exact same voice on these critical issues. Local, state and national governments have to be able to hear our voice."

Mike HislopCEO and Chairman, Il Fornaio Corp.

By eliminating damaging public policy before it becomes law, our Government Affairs + Public Policy team’s ongoing efforts have already saved the restaurant industry hundreds of millions of dollars. High labor costs, increased exposure to liability and low profit margins in a highly competitive environment leave restaurateurs particularly vulnerable to bad public policy.

See the latest on key issues affecting your business and what the CRA is doing to fight for pro-restaurant legislation.

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